What did we do at ZooDoo?

After Cadbury’s Chocolate factory and lunch at Richmond historic village we visited ZooDoo. ZooDoo is a wildlife park quite unlike any I have ever been to! They have an unusual mix of farm animals, native australian animals and some exotic species, such as Bengali tigers and pygmy marmosets. “Up close with the animals” is an understatement at ZooDoo. And don’t miss the shetland minature pony race!


  1. Dregan2

    Oh My! these photos and hilarous! (I wont mention the one of Heato) My fave is the one of the camel!

  2. murch

    This was possibly the highight of the Tassie trip for our students. It will certainly be a definite on all future trips. Lots of fun and laughter – a park with a real difference! They had a great variety and assortment of native and other animals. Dont miss it if you go to Hobart!!

  3. bexta

    Could this possibly be THE highlight of the Tassie experience?
    Loved seeing the photos….careful you don’t have any illegal aliens in your pocket on the way back Leesy!
    Enjoy the remainder of the trip……….and Britt, we’ll have to chat about the maths puzzle you posted on Technomaths………the one about the seven wives, seven daughters, or sons with seven sacks…???
    I have posted a new maths challenge…………and for all the chocolate fans, its based around that dark and sinister treat……….

  4. huggy


    The zoo looks very interesting. I loved the expression on Jasmine’s and Emily’s face. It was priceless. You have taken some great shots!

  5. Fayem

    Looks like everyone is enjoying the trip. What is Heato doing? Thanks for sharing with us at home! Any chocolates left?? See you Monday.

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